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Comprehensive, fee-only financial advice for rising professionals and growing families in Milwaukee, WI and beyond.

When your values are clear your decisions are easy.
— Roy Disney

At Hilltop, we believe in delivering a comprehensive suite of financial planning services that help our clients live extraordinary lives. We do this by a comprehensive process that starts with your values and gives you more clarity on the life you live.


Hi, my name is Erik Kroll,
and this is my story


Before my life as a financial advisor, my life was pretty hectic. I grew up in Alaska and my dream was to become a professional hockey player. After finishing high school, I spent two years playing juniors hockey before pursuing my Bachelor’s degree and playing NCAA. While I didn’t make it to the big time in the sport that I love, the time I spent traveling as a semi-professional athlete, gave me an understanding of what it’s like to have a career that demands so much time and leaves very little to spend taking care of the future.

Today, I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) with a passion for helping people live their ideal lives. I draw on experience working five years in traditional financial planning for a Milwaukee-based firm before I decided to quit my job and start Hilltop Financial Advisors. My time spent working in financial planning and investment management made me recognize an interesting phenomenon that exists in the world of financial planning— busy people often spend so much of their time either working or planning for the future, that they get very little time to actually enjoy the present.

This time opened my eyes to the need for a firm that put things in the right order. Hilltop starts by working together to discover why money is important to you and your family. Our single-point-of-contact model ensures that your most important goals and deepest held values are factored into every decision that is made. We act as your representative to reduce the number of people that you have to meet with and free you up to spend time doing the things you love.

Aside from my life as a financial advisor, I live in a Milwaukee suburb with my lovely wife and Great Dane. Hockey is still part of my life, and I play in a rec league weekly. My wife and I enjoy doing anything outside (ask me about the latest bird that I’ve seen). Finally, we have a passion for our community. We are heavily involved in working with a local food pantry and homeless outreach organization and lead a small group with our church.

That's enough about me. Interested in working together?